9 Things that Drive People to Share Content on the Internet

Social media and the internet have connected people in ways that have never been possible before in human history. There is an overwhelming amount of content that is being created and shared online each day. Many people want to understand what drives consumers to share content. Here are some of the top reasons why people share content online.

  1. To Connect: People love to share content with one another for nostalgic purposes. The internet and social media provide the perfect platform for friends and family to connect with one another and share photos, stories or information. Connecting in this way brings a feeling of nostalgia that many people find comforting.
  2. To entertain: Many people use the internet as a primary form of entertainment. Many times content is shared because individuals are seeking to entertain their friends, family and the world. They find satisfaction in creating something that brings pleasure to others.
  3. To Demonstrate: Modern artists, poets, musicians and others use the internet to showcase their creativity and originality. The internet provides them with the perfect medium for connecting with others and to show off their creative efforts.
  4. Shock value: Some people find enjoyment in sharing content that is shocking or controversial. There are a few reasons someone may choose to do this. They may want to raise awareness about a cause or they may want to get attention by using this type of content to spark conversation or debate. Sometimes this sort of content sharing is simply designed to inform others about things going on in the world that they may be unaware of.
  5. To bring comfort and inspiration: Sometimes people share content because they want to inspire change, comfort someone in pain or to provide light in the darkness to complete strangers. These people tend to be altruists and tend to be devoted to the concept of making the world a better place to live.
  6. For Commerce: Individuals use the internet as an enormous marketplace where goods and services can be bought, sold and traded. Many content users are businesses that want to get information out about their products or services. They work hard to ensure that their content gets shared.
  7. For validation: One of the most important human needs is to have the validation of others. We like to feel as if people value or at least acknowledge our thoughts and opinions. The internet offers the ideal location for this sort of communication to occur. When individuals interact with one another online it provides each of them with the validation that someone else is listening, even if they are not always agreeing.
  8. To Meet: Many people use the internet to meet and connect with other people. Most of us meet new people online everyday either at work, on social media or through friends. You can meet new people in a chat room or through personals ad or dating website. The web provides the ultimate way for people to socialize and get to know each other.
  9. To Educate: Many people attend school online or share information simple to educate the public. Many non-profits do this sort of posting and sharing of information. Many sites that do not directly sell products to consumers still fall under this category because their ultimate goal is to educate the public about consumer products or services.


People may wonder how and why so much content is shared on the internet, but the answer is very simple. People share content on the internet because it is in our human nature to exchange information with one another and the internet is the ideal place for this information exchange to occur.