Internet Of Things Of 2018

When you just take a moment and think how numerous organizations around the globe work in the nowadays world, you cannot say how the conclusion is just around the corner-they have already incorporated IoT technologies in their business. It doesn't matter if that means implementing the Internet of Things in their products, workflows or even processes, they get the same results! And yes, those results are literally amazing! In this article, we will talk about the Internet of Things trends you can expect to see in this year! So, let's see what can we get from IoT together!

The connection of everything

we all know how everything is already connected but is it really to the maximum it can actually be? The Internet of Things obviously thinks how it is not, and so, we can expect everything to be even more connected in our future. What would that be? Can you imagine to see IoT actions to be implemented literally everywhere around the globe? And yes, we are talking exactly about that how it won't work in the industrial sections only.

How can we be all connected yet stay protected nowadays, while we are waiting for IoT to implement their mission into our daily lives? We can use a VPN connection and keep our privacy. In that case, we are all connected and all that-anonymously. I especially like that anonymity status, because you can be just 'some person' and complete everything you want or need over the web. Of course, the security is also what it will bring you. If you haven't already used a Virtual Private Network, you should definitely try it now!

New data infrastructure

Developers have been working hard to make those be even better. Excited to hear that? So, we can expect to experience a completely new data infrastructure. Gaining actionable insights from the data is the next step they want to take. We cannot doubt how collecting sensor data is not good enough, yet, we must admit how there is obviously a better way to complete all that.


What if I tell you how processing will be literally extended to the IoT edge? In this year, you will be able to see data fabrics, and besides that, computation. Such computation will be always connected to those kinds which are on-premises facilities. Of course, it also needs to be into multiple clouds. The companies can expect their business to grow in this case, and that is exactly for what numerous of people around the globe are waiting for. Great news for you all, wouldn't you agree?


Nothing can be done by working all alone. Everyone needs some help from time to time. Even an IT and OT. So, these two technologies have decided to stand together and to 'join their forces'. I think how I don't need to talk a lot about this, or I don't need to talk about it at all. It is all clear. Literally no boundaries!